Crossword Puzzle Electrical Engineering


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1. You can have it for lunch if you stop at Mc Donald's.
3. The abbreviation (short form) for protective earth conductor.
5. The letter code for this piece of electrical equipment in circuit diagrams is -Q.
6. This value can be calculatedout whith Ohm's Law.
7. A device used to turn lights off and on.
8. Abbreviation (short form) of a widely used control.
10. Short form of the number one circuit breaker.
11. A young person who works for an employer and has to attend a vocational school in order to learn the particular skills needed in their job.
12. The complete path of wires and equipment along which an electric current flows.
14. This is the answer why the phase conductors are called L1, L2 and L3.
15. You boss is your ...


2. Someone whose job it is to assemble lamps, RCDs etc.
4. Usually measured in Volts.
7. The connection in which you plug in your Hilti etc
9. An electric cooker is an ...?
13. Needed if you have a short circuit.